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How do I know if Career Coaching is right for me?
Being a Career Coach at Z1CareerZone is one of the most lucrative, fulfilling and rewarding careers you will ever find. If you have a desire to grow personally while making a big difference in people’s lives, then being a Z1CZ Coach might just be right for you? To find out if you have what it takes to be a successful coach at Z1CareerZone, go to our Join the Team page fill out the Get More Info section!
How long will it take me to complete the Z1 Coaches Training Program?
Our coaches training program consists of 6 sessions (about 2 to 3 hours per session) with one of expert trainers.  Most of our training is completed via video conferences.  Upon graduation, you will be given a certificate symbolizing your successful completion of the Z1CareerZone Coaches Training Program.
Can I be a Z1CareerCoach while working a full-time job or being a full-time parent?
YES! Absolutely! What you will learn through our training is how to be more efficient with your time and create a more spacious lifestyle all while professionally inspiring others to achieve their career goals. Most of our coaches work part time but then others have decided to make this their full-time work. Either way, that is completely your choice.
I have never run a business for myself before, is there support to help me through that process?
You are hitting the nail on the head with that question. Through our own research, we found that the biggest issue facing roughly 82% of coaches of any kind was their inability to build and grow their own successful businesses! Knowing that, we have addressed that issue head on!

We recognize that most of our coaches have never owned a business, built a business or had to grow a business before. That is exactly why we have CBS’s (Chief of Business Strategy) who have expertise in sales, marketing and in many cases, the building of successful businesses. Their entire job is to help you build and grow a successful coaching business! Just prior to your training program, you will be assigned a CBS mentor that you can rely on to help you get off to the right start and help you to continue to grow your business as much as you want. This is a unique benefit we offer at Z1CareerZone and we will be happy to tell you more about some of the ways our CBS’ can be a major asset to you and your coaching business!

But I’m already a coach, will this be repetitive?
Not in the least bit. Our unique training modules are redefining the career coaching industry! Our program is based on cutting edge technologies and Jim Zasowski’s experience in placing thousands of clients into new professional jobs over the years while running Z1 Solutions executive search firm. Depending on your current coaching business, this just might be a phenomenal way to increase your revenue stream with your existing clients. You might even find that the skills you will learn and the tools you will be using can be of great benefit to your existing coaching business as well.
I want to help people, but I don’t have great experience in sales and marketing. Can you assist me in that area?
YES! There are a few ways that you will benefit by being a part of the Z1 Team as it relates to sales and marketing! Again, you will have straight access to your Chief of Business strategy who is there to provide you the expertise or guidance specifically in sales and marketing. Last, we have partnered with Sandler Training to develop a customized sales and marketing training program specific to Z1CareerZone coaches for those that want to further invest in themselves to become true professionals in the coaching business.
Are there opportunities to meet with other fellow coaches?
YES! You will be on a team of coaches that will get together from time to time with your Chief of Business Strategy to share ideas, goals and strategies that might be working for them. It is also a time when you can share some things that haven’t been working so you can get the input of several others that might have a different idea on how to overcome those obstacles and challenges. The opportunity to connect with other coaches on a regular planned basis will be there for you so why not take advantage of learning from each other and supporting each other along the way! Again, this is not mandatory, but we have learned that those coaches that are “plugged in’ with each other tend to be the most successful!
What would be the first step in the process if I decided I wanted to be a Z1CareerZone Coach?
The first step would be to complete our Z1CarerZone coaching application. Once received, you will then be contacted within 48 hours to discuss your application and desire to be a coach. We will then go over everything about the on-boarding process and get you scheduled for the next training class.

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